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Immune First

Immune First
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Immune First


Immune First is an innovative dietary supplement designed exclusively for practitioners, created based on the ancient healing wisdom inspired by modern technology. Researched to be safe, Immune First is formulated with Immulink MBG, the first mushroom beta glucan that received FDAs GRAS designation. This unique formula adopts SBGs latest purification technology which isolates and preserves high quality beta glucan from the medicinal mushrooms to maintain resistance, restore vitality and quality of life.


A proprietary blend* of

Sun Mushroom
Lion's Mane


This formula list may appear differently from the label of the product you receive.

  • Made in USA, 90 high quality vegetarian capsules
  • Exclusive full-spectrum Beta glucan formula designed for practitioners, NOT pulverized mushroom powders
  • The active ingredient include Immulink MBG®, the first mushroom beta glucan that received FDA’s GRAS designation
  • Contains highly purified mushroom beta glucans
  • Restores quality of life and replenish a robust immune wellness
  • Made with Clinically proven, Non-allergenic and GMO-free ingredient

Cautious Notes:
1. Consult your herbalist or physician before use if you are under other medical treatment.
2. Keep out of reach of children.


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