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I have been suffering from hemorrhoid, hemafecia, and prolapse of anus for a long time. Upon the suggestion of a western physician, I had a surgery to end these diseases. The surgery did a wonderful job in getting rid of my above health problems. Nevertheless, I cannot forget two episodes caused by the side effects of my surgery. Due to my age and the strong effect of anesthesia, I had retention of urine after the surgery. From the early morning when I had the surgery till the midnight, not a single drop of my urine could come out. Fortunately, I was hospitalizing for observation by then. After contacting the doctor, the nurse used intubation for catheterization and I left the hospital the next day. In the third day, I went to the hospital for return visit, the doctor removed the tube and told me that everything was fine and I could take some antiphlogistics. After another day, however, I could not urinate again. I felt so bad that I had to contact the doctor. He had no other solutions except suggesting me to have fomentation. I followed his instruction but it did not work. One of my friends suggested me to visit Dr. Kexin Bao. I did. Dr. Bao thought it was caused by a problem in the nerve and acupuncture did extremely well in dealing with problems of this kind. He selected several points in my lower abdomen and put the needles at these places. Over half an hour, he removed the needles. Just after the treatment, I could urinate. It was really magical! The second problem I had after the surgery was constipation. Following the doctor's suggestion, I took medicine on time each day, took a shower at a sitting position, had cellulose food and drank some special made fruit juice, but none of them made effect. I had consulted the doctor , the medicine he prescribed was the same as before. Had I taken his prescription again constipation would have persisted and I could not bear it any more. What could I do? I remembered the experience I had last time (my inability to urinate). So visited Dr. Bao. He gave me acupuncture again. As before, he cured my disease. When I returned home the same afternoon, I had no problem in defecation.

To be honestly, I knew little about medicin. But through my above personal experience, I realize profoundly the importance of urination and defecation are to our health. I also profoundly realize that Chinese acupuncture has its unique curing effect which is lack in western medicine, especially on its excellent effect. It can cure these diseases almost with the point of the needle. Of course, most importantly, no matter how well the medical skills can be, only when they are used by good doctors with medical ethics, can they have been achieved their functions. Any bogus art of healing will not help curing any disease. Here I would like to end my article by saying from the bottom of my heart: "Thank you, Dr. Bao!" 
 -- Xuan Wu

My name is Thu. My arm was painful and I went to Dr. Kexin Bao for acupuncture.  He did acupuncture for me only one time but the pain was gone. I feel really happy and thankful!

-- Thu Thai (626)548-9256


I'm Nhu. I'm Dr. Kexin Bao's client. I love the way he does acupuncture. It doesn't hurt. He helped me out every time I have pain on my back, arms, or legs.

-- Nhu Ngo (626)548-9143


My name is Khoan. My family usually come to Dr. Kexin Bao whenever we have pain problems.  He is a great doctor. I would love to introduce him to everyone I know.

-- Khoan Thai (626)537-0296


My name is Wan Huang, and this is my testimonial for Dr. Bao's Academic Medical Center. I have been having severe back pain and leg pain for several months.  Ever since I came to Dr. Bao's office, my pain is almost gone through his acupuncutre treatments.  I have received 7 treatment sessions from Dr. Bao and I am honest to say that it is the fastest treatment I've had.  I would recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you Dr. Bao! -- Wan Huang (626)872-1975


I have known Dr. Bao for more than fifteen years.  Over this time he has taken care of my family with his deep knowledge of the Chinese herbal medicine, combined with western medicine.  Whenever a member of my family gets a cold and the following cough, we always go to see Dr. Bao.  His Chinese herbal medicine works wonders for such ailment.  One time, quite a few years ago, I got a lingering cough, for more than three months.  All the different remedies I tried did not help.  My wife suggested that I should try the Chinese herbal medicine.  Dr. Bao prescribed five doses of herbal medicine.  I drank the herbal tea.  After two days, my cough subsided noticeably.  After four days, it was almost all gone.  I finished the fifth dose and the cough totally disappeared.  One of my daughters has the same problem.  When she gets a cold, followed by a cough, sometimes it develops into bronchitis. Three days of Dr. Bao's herbal medicine usually would get rid of the cough completely.

It is a great comfort to know that there is Dr. Bao to "cure" our ailments of this nature.  We all know how frustrating it can get to have that nagging cough.  We have learned to get Dr. Bao's help as soon as a cough develops instead of waiting for it to become too uncomfortable.
-- Vivian Tong (909) 576-5558