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Jing Wan Hong

Jing Wan Hong
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Jing Wan Hong
Functions: Promotes the Healing of Sores and Burns, Alleviates Pain, Clears Heat, Invigorates the Blood

Indications: External injury to the skin from burns or scalds from electrical, chemical, solar and radiation sources. Useful for all types of burns from sunburn to severe burns with blistering, redness, necrosis and pain. Also used for painful, thrombosed or inflamed hemorrhoids and anal fissure, chronic diabetic or tropical ulcers and bedsores. May also assist with relief from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Useful for acupuncturists using moxa to hold moxa pellets and prevent blistering.

Standard Dosage: Apply to affected area as needed.

Clinical Dosage: For minor scalds and burns apply directly to affected area after wound is cleaned. The area may be covered with sterile gauze and changed daily. For deep wounds and burns a thick layer can be applied daily and covered with a sterile gauze. The wound should be cleaned daily or as necessary. Apply locally for hemorrhoids and anal lesions.

Ingredients: Dong-quai(angelica sinensis(oliv)diels)Root, Mastic(pistacia lentiscus l)Resin, Myrrh leo-gum Resin, Quince(chaenomeles spp)Fruit, Safflower Flower, Sanguisorba(sanguisorba officinalis l)Root, Sesame Oil, Yellow Wax.

Cautions & Contraindications:
For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. May stain clothes.


1.059 oz. (30g)


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