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PRO-TAN Protein Powder

PRO-TAN Protein Powder
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PRO-TAN Protein Powder

PRO-TAN Protein Powder is a source of blended protein made up of 100% natural soy proteins and essential Amino Acids.
PRO-TAN Protein Powder meets or exceeds the "Amino Acid Requirement Pattern" for children and adults as published in the Food and Nutrition Board's Dietary Allowance, as well as the "Suggested Pattern of Requirement" in the World Health Organization's Energy and Protein Requirement.
One serving of PRO-TAN Protein Powder contains 90% high protein, which has more protein and less fat compared with other protein sources. PRO-TAN Protein Powder is a major source from which blood, muscle and tissue are built.

Suggested use:
Add 1 scoop of PRO-TAN Protein Powder to any beverage. Sugar or flavors may be added if desired.


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